After Full Recovery I Kept Up With The Gupta Program Techniques. Why?


There are at least 2 reasons why I continued Gupta’ing.

The first is that I could.
By fitting it into my normal day’s routine, as with cleaning my teeth, eating and all my other daily commitments.

The second is that I hadn’t realized that what I thought was 100% still left me with plenty of room for more improvement. Which did happen. Every now and again, over 7 years since I thought I was fully better, even now I find some small issue has got better.

If I were a lot younger and a new mother, but knew what I know now about the amygdala, I would bring my child up with the Gupta techniques.

Firstly self love; as a normal respect for one’s self.

Meditations: mainly via the Meaning of Life Experiment

A stop song; to chase away negativity.

Positive visualizations would also be included.

The ability to float through bad times, working to improve whatever is bad about those times, but not stressing about it or battling through.

And so much of my whole life has been spent enjoying nature so that would definitely be included.

Meeting like-minded and other people.

A well-balanced life in all respects.

All of the above could be made fun, dancing, singing, playing, problem-solving, never seeking perfection but always happy to learn.

I genuinely believe that the Gupta techniques are for life.


Margaret Cory

Having been forced to stop working aged 53 due to CFS, I was later diagnosed with Fibromyalgia as well. (With the added challenges of hypersensitivity to chemicals, smells, various foodstuffs, bright light, noise, etc.)

10 years later I found the Gupta Program and started my recovery. Wanting to pay back some small part of what I owe the Gupta Program I later volunteered to be a moderator in the Facebook Gupta Forum.

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