Busting The Myths About Brain Retraining

It's Not In Your Head- But I Do Believe That The Root Cause Of These Chronic Conditions Is In The Brain. 

You Have A Real Physical Condition And It's Not Your Fault You Are Sick!

I know these conditions are real, my patients know that it's real and you know it's real, and that's what matters.

I have always believed that these chronic health conditions are real conditions. They are not in your head, you are not making it all up. I want to assure you that what you are experiencing is very real.

When the "it's all just in your head" myth is continually perpetuated by sections of the medical community, the media and society at large, it can cause suffers to feel a lot of shame, guilt and invalidation- and often makes recovery much more difficult.

No matter what you have been told by the Medical Profession, Support Groups or others, recovery is possible and many people go onto lead healthy fulfilling lives...and so can you! Here we bust the myths about recovery from certain chronic conditions.

Have You Ever Been Told?

-It's all in your head - you could recover if you wanted to.
-It's your fault you are sick.
-Just snap out of it! Everybody has problems. Just think positive and you will be fine.
-You look fine so you can't be that sick.

If you have ever been a victim of this type of misinformation. then I am truly sorry. I know what type of suffering they can cause, and they make a difficult situation even worse. Before I cured myself of ME/CFS, I also went from doctor to doctor searching for answers.

So let's set the record straight:

-It's not just all in your head- you're not making it up!
-It's not your fault you are sick and you didn't choose to get or stay ill
-Health and happiness are your birthright. It's not too late. You can recover and live a full and happy life.

These Myths Are Unfortunately Still Being Perpetuated

Busting Myths About Brain Retraining And The Gupta Program

1.Gupta Program Does Not Believe These Conditions Are Psychosomatic Or Just "In The Mind". They Are Real Physical Conditions With Real Physical Symptoms

2. Even If Other Treatments Haven't Worked Or You Have Been Ill For A Long Time, The Gupta Program Can Work For You

3. You Can Recover No Matter What Your Support Group May Say

4. Other Beliefs We Commonly See

We Understand That

  1. We Understand That You Deserve Validation And That You May Be Traumatised From Past Experiences Of Having Your Condition Dismissed

2. We Understand That You May Have Been Told You Will Never Recover

3. We Understand You May Have Been Told You Cant Recover Because Your Body Has Too Much "Permanent" Damage

4. We Understand You May Have Been Told You Can Only Recover With Strict, Regimented Diets, Supplements, Routines etc

5. We Understand That You Deserve Compassion

6. We Understand That You May Have Been A Victim Of Medical Gaslighting

A Prayer To Celebrate Your Strength

The good news is that the symptoms of these conditions are temporary- my medical research seems to indicate that these conditions are neurological in nature, and may be caused by abnormalities in brain structures called the ‘amygdala,’ and the ‘insula’. The revolutionary tools and techniques contained with the Gupta Program are specifically designed to retrain the amygdala and insula out of their hyper-reactions, allowing the body to trigger the parasympathetic system, meaning the body’s own healing mechanisms can bring it back to balance and homeostasis.