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Ashok's Featured Videos

Are You Really Doing The Gupta Program?

Attitudes For Brain Retraining

The Importance Of Being Happy-Go-Lucky


Different Types Of Resistances To Retraining

The Different Types of Happiness


Tools & Techniques

Can I Work on Two Symptoms At Once

What Happens If I Have More Than One Condition?

What Should We Be Visualizing?


Does Doing The STOPS Mean I Am Resisting My Symptoms?

Are My Visualizations "Allowed" To Be Exciting?


How Do I Retrain For Anxiety?


What Are Patterns?


How To Become More Aware Of Your Patterns



The Importance of Acceptance

How Can I Accept When I Have Real Problems?

Resistance Is Tightness In The Body


Dealing With Other People While Retraining

Dealing With Unsupportive Family And Friends