Struggles Of Being An Empath & How To Overcome Them

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Are you somebody who easily gets drained by other people's negative energy?

You know, the kind of person that just seems to suck the life force out of you and you can't help but take on their emotions. It's a bit like a guitar string. There are two guitar strings next to each other and one, if it's plucked, vibrates at a certain frequency, and we as the empath next to it, we end up taking on that same negative vibrational frequency. Often, empaths have learned to do this from their childhood. They may have gone through a challenging childhood where they had to be hypervigilant to make sure they could recognize the emotions of other people around them or, instead, it could be that they went through certain suffering in their lives and, therefore, they can be acutely aware of the suffering of others.

Now, for many people who are empaths, being an empath can be quite exhausting. They are taking on the negative energy of other people. However, I want you to know that being an empath is an incredible, powerful gift that you've been given. It's an intuitive ability to connect at a very deep level with people around you, and it's something to be celebrated. Of course, yes, there can be some downsides, but there are ways of, instead of being a disempowered empath, you can be an empowered empath.

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I'd like to share three ideas with you. It's as easy as ABC. So, if you find you take on the emotions of others, A stands for accept and surrender. That means that instead of feeling pity for that person or trying to rescue that person or feeling bogged down by the terrible things that you think they're going through, instead, it's realizing that each soul has to walk their journey, each soul has to walk their path to elevate themselves to the next step change in their evolution. So, so-called bad things that are happening, we later realize in life were a gift. They were something we had to go through to become the person that we choose to be. So, accept and surrender means to accept and surrender to the suffering that we may go through in our own lives, but also to accept and surrender what other people are going through. We can't judge their path or the experiences that they're going through. Let them experience it.

B stands for boundaries and self-care. So, often as empaths, we take on other people's negative vibrations, negative energy, and it's important to have boundaries with people who seem to suck that life force out of us. It also means that empaths do need quite a lot of me time, alone time to recharge, to reenergize, and that's incredibly important. Being in nature, in a greenery like this, or at a beach or somewhere where you feel rejuvenated, that's an incredibly powerful place to be for you each day. Of course, regular meditation is that sanctuary for the soul that uplifts the spirit and reenergizes you, connects you back to source, recharges your battery. So, regular meditation every day is important for you.

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C stands for compassion. Now, often, empaths may inadvertently engage in pity and feeling sorry for that person or trying to rescue them from their pain, but when we tried to rescue someone, we're attached to a certain results, and that can be disempowering and, also, we give away our energy, give away our power, and we feel lost in that. Then, we're attached to a certain outcome. I'm only allowed to be happy if I've fixed this issue for them and made them feel better, but that isn't compassion. That's attachment. Compassion is allowing yourself to feel that heartfelt care for that person. So you want to help in whatever way you can, but not being attached to any outcome, and that means being fully present, fully loving, being a space that you can hold for another person without your own energy being drained. As an empath, that intuitive ability then comes forth and you give the right advice at the right time, and it's a beautiful experience.

So, these ABC can be a great way of offsetting some of the downsides of being an empath. Now, if you want to go deeper, we'll be doing a Facebook Live. We'll be going deeper into this subject. If it's already happened, you can view that whole video on our Facebook page. All that's left for me to do is to say, "Being an empath is an incredible, powerful gift to the people around you. Celebrate it, uplift it within you, and make sure you stay in your light."

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Ashok Gupta is the Director of the Gupta Program. He has dedicated his life to helping people get their life back from Chronic Illness, improving people’s well-being, and helping them achieve their potential. He has been teaching meditation around the world for over 15 years. He runs a global e-clinic specializing in treating ME, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia & Multiple Chemical Sensitivities –

Ashok has spent many years researching the brain neurology of emotion and linking well-being tools with science. He has published medical papers on the basis of stress-related illnesses. He has appeared in many media as an expert on stress on the BBC, CNN, Guardian Newspaper, ITV, The Independent, and many others.

He wrote and presented the Meaning of Life Experiment which is a Free, Award-winning Meditation and Self-Development App

He also works with companies around the world, teaching courses in Leadership, Time Management, and Personal Development.

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  1. Thank you, this was very helpful. I’m very interested in learning more. I have never heard of this before so I decided to look it up because people around me keeps saying that I’m an empath. Thank you again. I will try the ABC’s

  2. I was guilted into a plumbing job. A family owned bakery, friends of mine. I said no 3 times but they persisted and I gave in. They have been without water for 8 days. The out of state part company was supposed to send me a part days ago. It didn’t leave the company so after the weekend I called to have the part shipped overnight. It was shipped and arrived today the incorrect size. I went home to bed after waiting all day for this bakery to shut down production so I could cut the water to the rest of the building. I have a family to feed and this has been four plumbing days of no income. I big sacrifice. I am out thousands of dollars for my family while the bakery I assume has lost 10’s of thousands. Last time I shut production down I took the money they lost off of my bill. It was a loss for me because I didn’t want the guilt of them losing. My empathy is killing my business and my moral. This is why I tried to turn down the job

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