People Love To Ask Us The Following Questions About Our Revolutionary Neuroplasticity And Holistic Health Program

We understand that you may have a lot of questions about the Gupta Program. Below are some of the most common questions we get asked. If your query isn't covered here or you need further information, please contact our support team at info@guptaprogram.com



Every pound worth it, I'm back to health!

At first, I did not believe all the good reviews I was reading about the program, it sounded like marketing, but I decided to give it a try considering the money-back guarantee.

Three months later I was pleasantly surprised. After 4 months more I had no more symptoms from Fibromyalgia nor food intolerances. I was delighted, but still took me a couple of months more to really believe I was free from being ill. I am so thankful!!!

General FAQs

It's important that you have a confirmed diagnosis from a medical practitioner for a condition that we treat, before you start the Gupta Program. This is because there are many other illnesses that mimic the symptoms of these conditions, and it's important that you exclude other diagnoses.

You can watch the videos and listen to the audio exercises in our membership area. You can access this from a laptop, desktop, tablet, smartphone, and even an internet-enabled TV. You will be sent some supporting materials by post.

Yes, the program is designed to be used whatever your level of functioning. The video sessions are split into 10-15 modules so you can absorb the material slowly in your own time. There are also coaches available to support your recovery.

When we conducted a published clinical audit, we found that two-thirds of our clients reached an 80-100% recovery within one year. Other studies have also shown positive results. We are currently looking to raise more money for a large clinical trial.

No, we are saying that these conditions are real physical illnesses with real physical symptoms in the body. However, in our view, the root cause is in the brain, which is different to it being in the head. We believe that the brain (specifically the insula and amygdala) goes into a hyper-defense mode after a stressful illness experience, and then keeps over-stimulating the immune system and the nervous system, causing all the symptoms. So this is a brain-retraining program designed to reset this over-defensive programming that causes the symptoms.

You will have access to 15 online video sessions with supporting audio exercises. You will also have weekly webinars directly with Ashok, to ask questions and receive on-going support. You will also receive a physical manual in the post. The program involves the "3 R's" of the Gupta Program - Retraining the Brain, Relaxing the Nervous System & Re-Engaging With Joy. More information is in the free videos which you can watch in our member's area, if you sign up for the free trial.

This brain retraining program has inspiration drawn from many areas of coaching and therapy, including Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Meditation, Timeline Therapy, Breathwork, Parts therapy, Visualization, and many more. We fit these tools under the banner of "Amygdala and Insula Retraining", or AIR Techniques.

The program also includes the option of working with a Coach to be supported one-to-one on your healing journey.

Do You Have A Free Trial?

You can sign-up for our Free no-obligation 28 day trial of some of the content of the Gupta Program here https://wordpress-659896-2672642.cloudwaysapps.com/free-trial/
You will be able to view videos on what causes your condition as well as some introductory tools that you can start using right away, on your journey towards Health and Happiness!
We won't share your details, you can unsubscribe at any time and you dont need to enter any payment details.

Purchasing The Gupta Program

As a Full Online Member you can benefit from the following:
  • 15 Brand New Interactive Video Sessions online with all the latest healing content, shot in the stunning mountains of Switzerland
  • Numerous Audio Exercises and Meditations, all available online
  • 3 Months of Coaching Webinars directly with Ashok, and you can ask questions
  • An accompanying Manual and Floor Chart sent in the post
  • Direct access to our healing private Facebook group
  • Regular newsletters updating with new information
  • A full one year Money Back Guarantee

There are two options for becoming a full member of the Gupta Program:

  1. Subscription to the Online Course, + Course Manual, + 3 Month Coaching Webinar Series-
    $349 (approx 300 Euros) for the 1st year and $50 for subsequent years (optional).
  2. Subscription to the Online Course, + Course Manual, + 3 Month Coaching Webinar Series, Plus a USB flash drive which contains all the Videos, Meditations and Audio Exercises that you can play without the need for an internet connection, and that you can keep forever. Please note that the videos on the USB are not downloadable but can be played from a laptop without an internet connection.
    $449 (approx 395 Euros) for the 1st year and $50 for subsequent years (optional)

That's fantastic. We would love to have you as a member and help you regain your health and happiness! Please visit https://wordpress-659896-2672642.cloudwaysapps.com/purchase-gupta-program/

Gupta Program USB Package Option

Here are some step-by-step instructions:

  1. Please insert it into the USB drive on your laptop.
  2. Click on Start to open. 

Please remember, the USB material is NOT downloadable onto any hardware.  The videos are MP4 videos and the meditations and audios are MP3 and they play on the Flux player.  Flux is a multimedia player that is part of the USB.  It is not possible to play them on any other software. The USB works on PCs and MACs only.  It does not work on mobile devices or ipads and tablets without full size USB ports. Windows 7 is the minimum system requirement for this system, it will not play on older operating systems.

12- Week Group Coaching Webinar

These expertly designed group coaching sessions are delivered over 75 minutes per session via a group internet link with Ashok. There will be 12 sessions over 14 or so weeks.

The webinars series run 3 or 4 times a year.

The first webinar series (valued at £119) is included with your purchase of the program. 

Please see our Webinar Series page at https://wordpress-659896-2672642.cloudwaysapps.com/webinar-series/ for further details.

We have compiled the most common webinar series questions for you here https://wordpress-659896-2672642.cloudwaysapps.com/webinar-series/

Gupta Program Facebook Forum

If you have purchased the Gupta Program directly from us, then yes. Sorry, we dont accept membership if you have bought or been gifted the Program secondhand.

Simply click on the "Facebook Private Group" from within the Members Area or visit https://www.facebook.com/groups/guptaprogrammeforum Please fill in the required automated answers to be accepted.

Gupta Program Personalized Coaching

It is highly recommended that you use the Gupta Program in conjunction with Coaching with one of our practitioners. This can be done face-to-face, by Skype, or phone, so you can choose any practitioner no matter where they are based. Visit our Coaches page for more information https://wordpress-659896-2672642.cloudwaysapps.com/coaches/

Workshops With Ashok

Our highly recommended healing weekend workshops are expertly designed and delivered in an intimate group setting. Please visit here for more information https://wordpress-659896-2672642.cloudwaysapps.com/workshops/

Gupta Program Affiliate Program

If you believe in our Program and have a passion for helping people heal and live their best lives, we love to extend an invitation for you to partner with us and become an affiliate marketer for the Gupta Program. You can find out more information and apply here https://wordpress-659896-2672642.cloudwaysapps.com/become-an-affiliate

Volunteering With Us

There are many ways you can get involved with the Gupta Program. Volunteering is a great way to give back to the Program at the same time as prioritizing your own Retraining. Volunteers are fully supported in their role and are always encouraged to pace and place their health first. Please click here to find out more information about how you can become involved https://wordpress-659896-2672642.cloudwaysapps.com/get-involved/

1. We are the first and original Neuroplasticity or "Limbic Retraining" program with over 20 years of experience.


2. The Gupta Program Will Teach You Not Only How To Get Well...But Stay Well

We know that an important cornerstone of regaining your health is understanding the factors that played a role in you getting the condition in the first place.


We Help You Uncover The Reasons Why You Got Sick

We go deeper into the reasons why someone gets ill in the first place, and encourage long term and sustainable strategies to stay well.


We Help You Find Your Inner Strength and Resilience

This means you can use the illness as an opportunity for growth and transformation.


We Support Short and Long Term Steps To Recovery

We help you make step by step changes that suit the new person you choose to become once you are healthy and happy!

3. Rather than a Strict Regimented Approach, Chronic Conditions Require Kindness and Compassion

Before the Gupta Program, many of our patients were pushing their bodies and their minds to the limit...

And certain other neuroplasticity approaches may have reinforced this leading to burnout and anxiety.

We fully support and implement a caring, compassionate, and paced approach to healing versus a strict, regimented approach. We also acknowledge the role of past trauma, and support you on a journey of healing.




4. We are the only program to include our highly rated and exclusive 12 weekly group coaching webinars in the package, directly with Ashok Gupta, to support your process and healing journey.



5. We Combine Revolutionary Neuroplasticity Techniques With Holistic Health Practises

It is so important to treat these conditions holistically, to get the best outcomes...

Sometimes just a few changes can make a big difference, and we have 20 years of experience to share on which lifestyle can lead back to health.

That's why we have a holistic approach to support brain retraining, which includes strategies for sleep, diet, pacing, sunlight, mindfulness, meditation, re-engaging with joy and more.

6. We Recognise That Our Patients May Have a History of Trauma

We appreciate that patients may have experienced past trauma, and compassionately offer strategies to support healing

7. We Offer A One-Year Money-Back Guarantee For Your Peace of Mind

If you notice no improvement after using the program for 6 months, you can return it for a refund, no questions asked.

We are so convinced that you will benefit if you commit to our program, that you have up to a year to trial the amazing brain retraining exercises, and you can return the program if it does not benefit you.

Therefore you have nothing to lose by seeing if this approach works for you and brings you the healing that you deserve. Thousands before you have taken this path!


Sue S

Give it a go!

I discovered the Gupta Program after being ill with CFS/ME for nearly 10 years. I'd tried or researched every reasonable or half-reasonable treatment and was still house-bound, desperately miserable and saw a no-hope future. The Gupta Program's approach of calming my brain's reactions to my environment was something completely new to me, but I thought it was worth a try given that everything else had failed.


I saw improvements in my emotional stability within a few months though physical improvements took longer and I had a major relapse when I let my retraining efforts slip. Now I'm more active than many people my age and still improving. Most importantly, joy and fun are back in my life. If and when bad stuff happens, I know that the Gupta Program has given me the tools and resilience to cope as well as anybody possibly can.

How We Can Help You Get Your Life Back From The Condition

Get Immediate Access To Revolutionary Neuroplasticity Techniques Personally designed by Ashok, based on his 20 plus years of experience and research. PLUS a free 12- Week Webinar Series.


An Online Neuroplasticity 'Brain Retraining' Program

15 Brand new interactive video sessions online hot in the stunning mountains of Switzerland. 


The Latest Scientifically-Backed Holistic Advice

On topics such as diet, sleep, nutrition, mindfulness and pacing


12 Weeks of Group Coaching Webinars directly with Ashok

Get motivation & support throughout every step of your healing journey and have your questions answered directly by Ashok.



An Extensive Collection of Supporting Materials

You will receive a Manual and Mind Map in the post. Online there are numerous supporting audio exercises and meditations. These easy to access resources will help deepen your recovery further.


WorldWide Gupta Program Coaches

Access to trained Gupta Program Coaches to tailor the program to your needs


A Positive Online Healing Community

Full of like-minded individuals dedicated to health to help to support you through your recovery


Regular Newsletters Updating With New Information

We send regular newsletters to members that contain the latest healing content.


Optional USB Flash Drive

Containing all the Videos, Meditations and Audio Exercises that you can play without the need for an internet connection, and that you can keep forever.


Money-Back Guarantee 

We offer a one-year Money-Back Guarantee for your peace of mind, no questions asked.

Get a 12-Week Webinar Series Included in your Gupta Program v5.0 Purchase Today

When you invest in the Gupta Program v5.0, not only get immediate access to the revolutionary neuroplasticity and holistic health system, you also receive a free 12- Week Webinar Series (worth $119).


Gupta Program Mini Course


Sign up to access our first 3 sessions for free including videos about how to recover and access to our Member's Area.

Over the next 28 days get a sneak-peek into the revolutionary techniques of the Gupta Program, and learn the science behind how the expertly crafted combination of neuroplasticity & lifestyle changes can help support your healing.

If you then go on to invest in full membership you will be granted access to a 12-Week webinar series as part of your purchase.


Subscription to the Online Course + Manual + 12 Week Coaching Webinar Series


You will receive all of the following:

  • 15 Interactive Video Sessions online shot in the stunning mountains of Switzerland
  • Numerous Audio Exercises and Meditations
  • 12 Weeks of Coaching Webinars directly with Ashok, and you can ask questions
  • Accompanying Manual and Floor Chart sent in the post
  • Direct access to our healing private Facebook group
  • Regular newsletters updating with new information
  • A full one-year Money-Back Guarantee

Subscription to the Online Course + Manual + 12 Week Coaching Webinar Series + USB


Get everything that is included in the standard package PLUS a USB drive which contains all the Videos, Meditations and Audio Exercises that you can play without the need for an internet connection, and that you can keep forever. 

This option is particularly useful if you don't want to rely on internet access to use the Program or if you have Electrical Sensitivities. 



A Pilot Study Published in the Journal of Clinical Medicine

It is estimated that at least 2% to 5% of the population suffer from Fibromyalgia, a complex pain condition in some form, and until now there has been a lack of effective treatments. The novel Neuroplasticity program known as “Amygdala and Insula Retraining” was combined with Mindfulness to create 'MAIR', also known as the Gupta Program, and was tested for 8 weeks against a control group engaging in an equivalent amount of relaxation techniques.

The pilot study results found that after just an 8 week intervention, the MAIR group had significantly greater reductions in symptoms and pain, and increases in overall health, compared to the control group. These are the key results from the 8-week study:


Real Retrainers. Real Stories. Real Recovery.

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