Dealing With Loss (Practical Tips Which Work For Me)

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During the past few years, I have been dealing with the loss of what has felt like a lot of dear friends and relations.

Yet this hasn’t overwhelmed me.

Am I cold-hearted? Not at all, but I have learnt to accept whatever happens and allow my grief to take its course.

Allowing the tears, and any feelings or thoughts about the loss but not wallowing in them.

Aware of the natural process of birth, life and death.
Allowing my grief to take its course.
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By doing those 3 my system hasn’t jumped into “protect mode” and no unwarranted adrenaline or cortisol have been speeding round my body. No brainfog or other CFS symptoms. Sleep has been manageable, using meditations when I am awake more early than I wish, or Soften and Flow if still awake later than I wish. I don’t listen to the audio of S&F, but just breathe in while counting to 8 and saying “soften and flow” in my head slowly while I breathe out.

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Ashok's meditations which have helped me are
"Surrender" (so I can let the tensions go)
"Compassion" (to feel compassion for myself as well as others.)
"Gratitude" (to be grateful for having known and cared for the individual who has gone.)

I am full of peace.

Margaret Cory, one of the Gupta Graduates.


Margaret Cory

Having been forced to stop working aged 53 due to CFS, I was later diagnosed with Fibromyalgia as well. (With the added challenges of hypersensitivity to chemicals, smells, various foodstuffs, bright light, noise, etc.)

10 years later I found the Gupta Program and started my recovery. Wanting to pay back some small part of what I owe the Gupta Program I later volunteered to be a moderator in the Facebook Gupta Forum.

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