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It Is More Than Just Training...

Ashok Gupta

Clinic Director

Being a coach is a great way of learning more about yourself and consolidating your own journey, as well as a rewarding way of giving back! It is a rich journey of self-fulfilment.

We are delighted to be offering training to become a ´Gupta Program Coach´, and there is a real demand from our clients for more coaches at the moment, with many Coaches having waiting lists. This course is more than just training. You start on a personal journey that deepens your understanding in healing yourself and assist others in their healing. An important part is self-experience and bonding with your fellow Trainees. The training will unfold the core of the issues that are important in healing; first in your own life and then in working with others.  Following the Gupta Program ourselves made us deeply aware of what is needed for people with chronic illnesses. We made the Training flexible so you can design your own tempo to follow most of the parts of the Training, determined by your background and capacity to learn.


Testimonials From Gupta Program Training Attendees

What I loved most about training as a Gupta Coach was my journey of Self-Discovery, meeting the places inside me that needed awareness and healing. Growing into an authentic person, who learnt her self worth and how to set firm boundaries and how to have a voice too. It was also lovely to make connections with those training alongside me, people I respect and feel such a connection with as we explored the topics and what they triggered inside us, learning how to face challenges together and navigate through relationships, secure and lasting friendships build on mutual trust and respect. It was such a period of growth I will never forget it. The bonus, I am now able to meet my clients in my authentic self, and support each one with their own journey towards self discovery knowing that I am able to guide them because I allowed myself to go there first. I am able to work in a vocation which fulfils my purpose and passion. The training changed me, and I will be forever grateful for that.
Best Wishes and Kind Regards, Julie

What an amazing process it was completing the learning, reflections and bearing witness to all my growth, healing, and expansion.

anonymous Junior Gupta Coach Level 2.

The 3 Levels Of Coaching

We have divided the program into 3 Levels to cover a range of levels of development as a Gupta Program Coach depending on where you wish to take it, and to what standard you are committed to developing in this work.


Gupta Program Coach Introductory Training Online

reading-book (1)

Level 2


Level 3

Description of The 3 Levels of Training

The 4-day Workshop online is the first step in becoming an official Gupta Program Coach. The workshop is also designed for everyone who wants to use the tools for themselves and with others (not clients), but may not necessarily want to become an official Gupta Program Coach. After following this workshop you will be a local spokesman for the programme and able to give retrainers some basic support in the form of advice, You will not be eligible to work on a process of healing with a client.

After completing Level 1 you will:

  1. Be able to advise a person in using the Book, the Techniques used in the Gupta Program and improve your own use of the Program.
  2. Be able to say that you’ve attended an Introductory Gupta Program Coach Training.
  3. You can use your experience with the Gupta Program locally but you cannot be mentioned on the official international Website of the Gupta Program. Nor can you ask money for your advice.

Content of Workshop

 -How to support clients with the techniques of the Gupta Program in their recovery from chronic illness
-Awareness of your own internal state in using the tools of the Program

-Understanding healthy and supportive relationships when working on healing

-How to advertise and spread the Gupta Program locally with interviews, writing, and information.

-Experience how the Amygdala and Insula Hypothesis is weaved through the different tools and techniques within the Gupta Program. 

-Explanation of the Levels 2 and 3 and answering any questions about it

Requirements To Attend The Workshop


-You have reached a 80% to 100% recovery level

-You have followed the entire Gupta Program 

-You have followed a webinar series

-You have done at least one session with a qualified Gupta Program Coach

-You have filled in the questionnaire

-You have paid for attending the workshop 

Level  2 and 3 of the Gupta Program Coach Training:

Level 2: 12-15 Months Training to Become an Official Junior Gupta Program Coach

(Amount of supervision sessions and personal sessions will vary according to your existing levels of qualifications & experience)

A Look At Some Of The Aspects We Will Cover

A review of learnings from the workshop weekend: for your own process and that of your clients

How to structure a session: choice of themes, pacing a session, rounding up a session safely

Gupta toolkit

Learning the basic Structures of Coaching, Opening up to body awareness and body work.

Positive language and your own attitude towards your client: verbally, energy wise, speech, etc.

Practitioner self-care: You will receive a set of meditations on awareness of your self-care working posture, attitude to yourself, re-balance yourself, overwhelm, emotional reactivity etc.

How you support a client in recognising how the identity of illness and related thoughts feed into the illness cycles and perpetuate the illness

We will open up the theory of transference, counter transference and projections in your sessions, and related issues for you with your past.

The quality of your visualisations, meditations, mind map and accelerator guidance and how you give form to those techniques

How you practice a ‘holding’: creating a safe space for a client

How do you guide the clients through the chapters of the Advanced Brain Retraining for Chronic Conditions Book, including how you combine the exercise lists from the book into the process on the mind map and the accelerator

How you use your creativity on the mind map

How do you choose what to focus on and follow up on, in terms of issues the client has

How you listen to the client’s words and process, and link back to where their thoughts and beliefs stem from

Your own self-care and energy hygiene

Working with Parts.

There will be homework and reading requirement

Minimal 8 Supervision Sessions

Minimal 8 supervision sessions of which 6 recorded client video-sessions you hand in for supervision. We will teach and work on aspects such as developing experience and knowledge towards yourself, your clients, the coaching relationship and the tools you learn to use. You will learn to develop ownership in the Structures of Coaching.

9 online Group Supervision Sessions (GSS) with the Supervisors spread over one year

Requirements To Continue Level 2 (Which Can Run In Parallel To Training)

A willingness to really look deeply into your own process of development towards being a Gupta Program Coach. Deep sessions are really important to work through your own inner limitations that may block you from becoming a free, joyful and professionally competent coach.

Minimum of 80% recovery

NLP practitioner Training (1 year) or an equivalent from a renowned institution. You have gained a Practitioner Certificate. Or you have worked as a coach or therapist in another related discipline for at least a year and you have proof from a supervisor on your functioning. The team will decide if your qualifications and experience are up standard. Please send in all the necessary information.

During Level 2 we recommend to participate in any of the following courses: meditation and breathing course from the Art of Living.

You have followed Level 1 and received the Certificate.

Minimal 3 – 5 Personal Sessions

At least three to five personal sessions on your own process with a Gupta Program Coach. Starting with two session with the Supervisor, and then we’ll review. It’s up to the supervisors to suggest how you continue. For instance, suggesting more sessions with Caroline or another certified Gupta Program Coach. This depends on the awareness of the role your own process plays in your working with clients, your awareness on using the techniques of the Gupta Program with yourself and/or other personal issues in your process. The costs for extra sessions are paid by the Trainee.

Buddy-Groups (For Level 2 and Level 3)

You will have a personal Buddy through Level 2 and 3 that you meet with 2 times per week. You will participate in experiential exercises & assignments and work on your Year Book together.

We will support the development of resilient small peer supervision groups for support in the process and learning the rules of safety in a peer supervision group. You will come together once a month to do homework and experiential exercises, discuss themes and answer questions and do sessions together as well as discuss books and videos.

Requirements for certification and Year Book (for Level 2 and Level 3)

You will write all your experiences, homework questions and other related subjects in your Year Book Level 2. In your Year Book, also the proof of all your financial transfers for Sessions and GSS. Then you send your Year Book to your supervisor. This will be after Group Supervision Session GSS 3, 6 and 9. This will be important for your certification. Also your feedback forms, visualizations and other material that you are informed about as you go through the Training count for your certification.

If you have paid for Level 2, you will be sent the Curriculum and Requirements for certification for Level 2.

Social Media (For Level 2 and Level 3)

We will support the Trainees in developing their skills to promote the Gupta Program in a larger field. Ashok will give a lecture on the new Program and teach how to present yourself and the program on the social media to start your own practice as soon as you have your Certification Level 3. You will have the chance to be involved in all new initiatives of Ashok Gupta.

*Note: If you are already an experienced coach or therapist we may decide you are ready for certification before completing all the supervision hours or other requirements that are listed above, which means the cost might be less.

Practical information

  • Trainer/Supervisor/GP Coach: Caroline van Lankveld, Dev Mayaan
  • Supervisor/GP Coach: Frances Goodall
  • Julie Cody (Trainee Co-Ordinator)
  • Supporting Gupta Program Supervisors and certified GP Coaches:
    Frances Goodall, Dev Mayaan, Paulien Elzinga, Jennifer Evans, Shonna Stokowski.
  • Costs: Approx $3500 (to be paid in two parts, at the beginning and mid year). This is for 9 group supervision sessions.
  • There is a minimal requirement for 6 recorded supervision sessions and 3 personal sessions. That cost would be $1145 (one session is $127 per hour). In the case where a trainee requires more than this average number of sessions, the trainee is required to cover the costs of the extra sessions. It will be discussed with the individual trainee if supervisors believe it is necessary for them to receive more personal and/or supervision sessions. For example, costs may increase if you require 13 sessions. In this instance, your investment would be $1650 so your total investment would be $5150 for a year of training. In consultation with the individual, we will do a personal estimate based on their own personalized training program and their needs. 
  • Time schedule: 12-15 months (depending on the needs of the group). If the trainee requires more time, this can be organized. 
  • Workload: 20 hours every week. 2 weekly Buddy get-together sessions
  • If indicated in Group Supervision Session (GSS), you will come together with the peer group.
  • You will receive a Level 2 certificate of being an Official Junior Gupta Program Coach after fulfilling all requirements. Level 2 gives a Certification that gives you the possibility to use the Gupta Program in your own region and own practice.
  • With certificate level 2 You will not be on the Gupta Program website. On your own website, you can name yourself a Level 2 Junior Gupta Program Coach. To be a Level 3 Certified Gupta Program Coach and be eligible to have your name on the website you have to finish Level 3 also.
  • Requirements for Level 2 and 3 will be given as soon as you've paid your deposit (the first half of the costs for level 2).
  • As you move through your Level 2 Training, a supervisor will determine when you have reached the stage where you are professionally proficient to start charging a ‘student rate’ fee for your coaching services.
  • Prices may change according to the worldwide financial situation.

Level 3: 12-15 months Training To Become An Official Gupta Program Coach 

(With your listing on the GP website)

A Look At Some Of The Aspects We Will Cover

9 online Group Supervision sessions with the Supervisors spread over one year

Several Q & A hourly sessions to ask questions on subjects covered within the training

Deep self-care to support your work as a coach. Development of different ´holding´ techniques. Developing long term resilience in yourself.

Awareness of your ways of dealing with acceptance/surrender, re-connecting with joy and looking at being a coach from new perspectives.

Transference/counter-transference: recognition of these themes in working with a client and yourself and learning techniques to deal with them.

You will go deep into the root causes of Parts, such as the Victim Part, and learn how to transform them.

Deeper Body awareness of your clients and yourself and teaching techniques to develop this awareness.

Blind spots and projections in action in your own attitude and in your client.

Creativity on the mind map: more advances with the Work of Byron Katie and compassionate language

Starting a group project in your area with clients for an Introduction in the Gupta Program for 5 sessions.

How to grow from psychological issues on the mind map towards spiritual issues.

Education around on what trauma is and how to spot it (also reflecting on your own trauma). Learning Empty Chair technique to guide trauma. As well as experiencing those techniques in-depth yourself in a Buddy setting.

Developing long term resilience for your clients.

Hormesis, Circadian rhythm topics, Personal hygiene, movement, food, light therapy, social activities, goals in life, joy etc.

Marketing (website, newsletters, social media, writing articles, organise interviews, webinars/workshops, creating resources etc).

When to refer out and collaborating with a psychotherapist or highly experienced coach for ´duo-coaching´ if necessary. Explanation on Duo coaching for dealing with underlying trauma. Working together with a psychotherapist or coach that is trained to work with trauma. Awareness of your professional boundaries by knowing how to use the DSM5 structure.

Requirements To Continue Level 3

You have accomplished all the appointments/homework assignments of Group Supervision Session 1-9 from Level 2 in writing and submitted your Year Book that was requested. In special cases, you can hand in your Year Book later or after the start of Level 3 if you have discussed this previously with a Supervisor.

During Level 2 you participated in any of the following other courses: NLP and one of your choice of: breathing or meditation courses from the Art of Living.

Minimum of 3 – 5 Personal Sessions With a Supervisor and Gupta Coach.

For insight on your own trauma/history/patterns/functioning/blind spots/projections/counter transference. Caroline will discuss with you how many sessions you will need in their view. Costs for extra sessions are paid for by the Trainee.

Practical information

  • Starts: To Be Confirmed
  • Trainer/Supervisor/GP Coach: Caroline van Lankveld, Dev Mayaan
  • Supervisor/GP Coach: Frances Goodall
  • Julie Cody (Trainee Co-Ordinator)
  • Supporting Gupta Program Supervisors and certified GP Coaches:
    Frances Goodall, Dev Mayaan, Paulien Elzinga, Jennifer Evans, Shonna Stokowski.
  • Costs approx $3500 (paid in two parts, half at the beginning and mid year). This includes 9 group supervision sessions and all material. 
  • There is a minimal requirement for 6 recorded supervision sessions and 3 personal sessions. That cost would be $1145 (one session is $127 per hour). If more sessions are needed (personal or supervision), the trainee is required to pay for the extra cost. For example, costs may increase if you require 13 sessions. In this instance, your investment would be $1650 so your total investment would be $5150 for a year of training. In consultation with the individual, we will do a personal estimate based on their own personalized training program and their needs. 
  • When the group is 5 people or smaller, we have to raise the price. The prices for personal and supervision sessions will remain the same ($127 USD per hour). The cost of the Group Supervision Sessions will be increased and be the responsibility of the trainee to cover
  • Time schedule: 12 - 15 months. More time can be taken if necessary.
  • Workload: 20 hours every week. 2 weekly Buddy get-together sessions. Peer meetings when indicated in Group Supervision Sessions.
  • Level 3 leads to certification as a Certified Level 3 Gupta Program Coach and a profile on the international website 
  • You will receive the Curriculum and Requirements separately if you are interested in this Training and have paid half the fee of Level 3, the other half can be paid after half a year.
  • As you move through your Level 3 Training we will suggest you can increase the ‘student rate’ fees for your coaching services according to the prices in your country (maximum $120 USD for an hour session).Usually starting at 60 % of the average country fee at the start of Level 3.
  • Prices may change according to the worldwide financial situation.

Your First Year As Level 3 Certified Gupta Program Coach

As a team, we also commit to yearly learning and meeting obligations. You will attend at least 6 to 9 of our monthly coach meetings. To connect to each other as members of a team and to update each other professionally. We also have different ´Hubs´, learning Hub, social Hub etc. and we expect you to step forward and take your place in one of them to support our team development and the Gupta Program.

Concerning your own development you are expected every year to do 24 hours professional development (courses, workshops, reading) + 12 hours personal development (meditation retreat or other).

You are also to complete 4 to 6 Supervision sessions a year (if you have more than 12 clients per week, you will be expected to do 6 sessions), in the first year after graduation 3 of these sessions will be with the supervisors of the training (group options and details will be provided upon graduation), your remaining sessions, and sessions taken after your first year as a Gupta coach should be with a Supervisor that knows the treatment of chronic illness and the trauma often behind it. Every year you fill in the form you will receive to send to Ashok and the Coach coordinator what you did that year.

You are asked to attend the Gupta Coach meeting in London at this time, these are yearly and you are asked to attend one out of every 2. These are often connected to the Level 1 meeting in London, and if this is the case you are invited to help support during Level 1.

Your Supervisors


Caroline van Lankveld

Languages: Dutch and English

Guiding people to live more consciously, more friendly and to be more free: that is the passion of Caroline. By supporting clients to bring body, head and heart more into balance. In 2016 she started her practice for coaching, body-oriented psychotherapy and traumawork. She is also a mindfulness- and compassion trainer. In the Gupta Program she guides retrainers in their recovery and supports GP coaches in training by giving personal sessions and supervision.

Life itself has been providing her a learning journey. Caroline had several burnouts, diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome (ME) and cancer. In her recovery process she learned how to use her high sensitivity and focus on her body as a key to healing. As a result she was able to allow more strength, vibrancy and joy into her life.

In her approach she works with body and mind, creating space for relaxation, insight, vitality, focus and personal strength. She treats a variety of complaints and requests for help, including guidance with stress management and burnout, dealing with chronic illness, anxiety and depression, insecurity, mourning and loss, high sensitivity, personal development and career guidance.

Her strengths are the ability to create the right atmosphere of trust, kindness, acceptance and respect and the ability to get to the core of your issues easily. This will take you to a deeper and broader understanding of yourself, your life, your strength, your relationships. Clients call her involved, warm, curious, calm, firm and sharp in her perception.

In addition to insightful conversations, she uses proven methods such as body-oriented work, traumawork (Somatic Experiencing, rescripting), mindfulness and meditation, (self) compassion, Compassion Focused Therapy, relaxation techniques, positive psychology, breath work, Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT), visualizations, systemic work (family constellations), gestalt and yoga.

The tradition of Thich Nhat Hanh is a big inspiration for her. She is also touched by the work of A.H. Almaas, of whom she is she student since 2005. Furthermore she practices kundalini yoga daily, which encourages her to fully live from her heart. She lives in the Netherlands next to the forest with her husband. They have three teenage children and a lovely dog.

Caroline supports clients over Zoom or Skype.

Dutch website:
Skype: carolinevanlankveld

Deborah Manning Gupta Program Coach

Dev Mayaan

Languages: English

I’m a Gupta Amygdala Retraining Coach (2016), and an Organic Intelligence® Certified Coach (2022). I enjoy learning and expanding my skills and am enrolled in the Body Trust certification program and on the pathway to certification as an Intuitive Eating Counselor.

Before finding these methods, I experienced improvements with energy work and flower essences and have been in practice as a flower essence practitioner since 2000. The Gupta Program was the final method I needed to recover completely from chronic fatigue, chemical sensitivities, electromagnetic sensitivities, and food sensitivities. People may choose to work with me solely for coaching, or any combination of modalities to which they are drawn.

As well as offering individual coaching sessions by videoconference and telephone, I also facilitate group coaching by videoconference (or join by telephone).  Group coaching workshops include writing exercises, and I am also a professional writer.  You may visit my website to see my current availability for individual coaching, and sign up for my email list to receive news about group coaching.

Language: English


Supporting Supervisors/Certified Gupta Program Coaches During Level 2 and Level 3 for supervision on recorded client video sessions and personal (supervision) sessions of Trainees Level 2 and 3


Frances Goodall

Training Coordinator and Supporting Coach

Julie Georgiana

Julie Georgiana Cody

Supporting Certified Gupta Program Coaches During Level 2 and 3: For Personal Sessions of Trainees Level 2 and 3

Paulien Elzinga Gupta Program Coach

Paulien Elzinga

Shonna Gupta Bio Picture

Shonna Stokowski


Jen Evans

To learn more about our Gupta Program Coaches, please see here.