Healing Chronic Illness The Empowered Feminine Way

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Immerse Yourself In Healing

Are you a woman with CFS, ME, FMS, MCS, an auto-immune illness, migraines or another chronic physical health condition? 

Do you find yourself feeling: 

  • Alone with your symptoms
  • Sadness and despair about your condition
  • Hopeless
  • Afraid of being ill forever

Do you long for a supportive container to go deep into your personal healing?

Would you like support and guidance with a community that get your journey?

How about dropping your daily responsibilities for an empowering and transformative few days in nature?

Join us this October for a three-day women’s retreat in nature  

Heal Chronic Illness ~ The Empowered Feminine Way 9th - 12th October 2019 Unstone Grange, Derbyshire


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Two of our program coaches Frances Goodall and Jen Evans are holding a UK retreat for women looking for a deep dive into their healing techniques. Spend three days in nature with their support, inspiration and guidance for revitalisation of body, mind and heart.

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The Women’s Wellness Circle is a unique online and in-person healing circle for women worldwide to gain healing connection and access to coaching guidance, no matter which mind-body connection technique you use.

People join hands to express their unity.

Join us for this transformational retreat where we will help you get in touch with, and release, the core issues beneath your physical symptoms.

women's wellness circle

This retreat is specifically geared to help you to connect to the fact that:

~ You are stronger than any past trauma you’ve experienced
~ It’s ok to express your feelings and needs authentically
~ You are worthy of love, happiness and rest
~ You can finally follow your own dreams rather than other people’s
~ You are part of a loving community that supports your journey and wants you to win


Frances Goodall

Frances co-founded The Women’s Wellness Circle in 2016 as a platform to support women on the healing journey from chronic illness.

Frances as a Gupta Coach (2008) operates from Sheffield, UK and mainly offers coaching online. She is a practitioner of Hypnotherapy, EFT, NLP, Life Coaching, Bodywork and Family Constellations. She specialises in coaching people on aspects of the Gupta Program, on working with people with MCS and with people who have experienced trauma prior to illness developing using tools from EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) to assist release. She can offer sessions by phone and Skype, as well as face to face in Sheffield. Frances had ME/CFS herself for 5 years from 2002-2007, and has enjoyed many years of full recovery including developing a practice supporting others to recovery, running a half marathon and since July 2013 becoming a mum.

Website: www.francesgoodall.com
Email: frances@francesgoodall.com
Phone: +44 (0) 7769962085 (UK Office hours only)

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