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If you believe in our Program and have a passion for helping people heal and live their best lives, I’d love to extend an invitation for you to partner with us and become an affiliate marketer for the Gupta Program.

- Ashok Gupta MA(Cantab), MSc
Director of the Gupta Program



Ashok is really helping people understand more about meditation and its effects for the busy Commuter


If you believe in the Gupta Program, are passionate about helping people recover from conditions such as ME/CFS, Long Covid, Fibromyalgia. MCS, EHS, Anxiety and Associated illnesses, and are a good fit for our vision and target market, then we would love to have you aboard.

The fully updated Gupta Program 7.0 has been expanded to support the healing of more chronic conditions which is creating a lot of positive buzz within the chronic illness community. This means greater opportunity to showcase your passion and dedication to helping people heal and live their best lives

As an affiliate, you will receive a generous $80 commission per sale, which is 20% commission. You receive this even if they use a discount code. So there has never been a better time to sign up. 



Perfect program and company is trustable.

I have very good experiences with the program, Ashok Gupta himself and his company. I would definitely recommend it/them to anyone!!

Join the Gupta Program Family & Become An Affiliate FAQs

Depends. If you believe in the program, are passionate about helping people regain their health and happiness and are a good fit for our values & vision, then absolutely.

Nothing. You don’t pay any additional costs. On top of that, we provide a generous affiliate commission.

You will receive a generous 20% commission on sales

Simply contact and we will assist you.


Sarah Tavner

very positive experience and good teacherI

I thought Gupta was a very real person and great teacher who was definitely putting his heart and soul into his work.

I thought the process he was teaching was excellent and I like the subsequent email updates and after care. The course materials were also good. I felt a lot of effort was put into it and that he cared about the outcomes and believed in what he was doing.
We were made to feel comfortable as a group and I thought it was a great and positive learning experience.