We invite you to consider the question: what do you want to do with the rest of your life?

Many of us who have suffered from CFS or other energy impaired diseases have been able to turn the illness into a process of widening our consciousness. Looking back onto the period of suffering we realise the transformation we have gone through. Our relationship with ourselves can change during illness. We can learn to give a more relaxed and meaningful importance to our body, our mind and our lifestyle. Also our attitude to others can change, perhaps that we are more aware of our boundaries and where we let others pass our boundaries or not. We develop more maturity. Perhaps this resonates for your journey or perhaps it doesn’t?

If you have listened to the Meaning of Life of Ashok you know what we mean with these simple examples. Some of us are so impressed with the change of life once healthier that we want to share this with the world, and become a Coach for the Gupta Program. To support others on their journey through illness to well being.

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We designed a 2 year program in which you will learn many aspects of this journey from illness towards well being and creating a new life style. You will learn how to deepen your own process by becoming more and more aware of your self, your history, your body and mind and use all this knowledge to become able to assist others in their journey as a Gupta Program Coach.

You will work on balancing yourself in life, being aware of good self-care and open up to your history if that blocks part of your freedom. If you are interested in human beings and the power of illness you will learn a lot about yourself, the process clients go through and a diversity of techniques so you can coach retrainees into more awareness, help them with the Gupta Program and support their search to well being. Also to help them find a new lifestyle once they are much better.

In the last part of the Training you will practice the techniques you learned with your clients and preparing to be a Gupta Program Coach as a career or a n important aspect of your career.

An important aspect of this training is working with your peers and perhaps also a few trainees from the last training. You will meet every week and discuss, practice exercises and have peer supervision together.

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When you have your certification after 2 years you can mix with the existing coaches in meetings, in every 2 year a meeting for 5 days in London with Ashok. We are a growing group of coaches from different backgrounds and meeting every month together online.

For more specific information you can look at the website and if you are really considering this Training you can contact Frances for info and a short chat to answer your questions.

Here is some feedback from some of our trainees.

« When I began the training program, I was already an experienced practitioner. Having a team of other trainees and coaches who had all recovered using the Gupta Program was another level of community. It solidified my identity as a well person as I shared the tools with clients. And I had peers and mentors with similar experiences as I continued to peel off layers in my own growth process.”

“I joined the training to become a coach and learn how to structure supportive sessions for people going through what I had so recently experienced. What I got was much much more. I was on the verge of a spiritual awakening as we started and the training, the mentoring and the re-conceptualisation of life as a journey between fear and love, ego and essence – it led me into a loving awakening that has changed my whole life for the better. I have learnt that life is all about evolution, and this training certainly encourages, challenges and nurtures that. »

« Through this training I gained a wonderful foundation for working with clients but I also saw myself transform into a happier, brighter, more energetic me.”


Frances Goodall

Frances co-founded The Women’s Wellness Circle in 2016 as a platform to support women on the healing journey from chronic illness.

Frances as a Gupta Coach (2008) operates from Sheffield, UK and mainly offers coaching online. She is a practitioner of Hypnotherapy, EFT, NLP, Life Coaching, Bodywork and Family Constellations. She specialises in coaching people on aspects of the Gupta Program, on working with people with MCS and with people who have experienced trauma prior to illness developing using tools from EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) to assist release. She can offer sessions by phone and Skype, as well as face to face in Sheffield. Frances had ME/CFS herself for 5 years from 2002-2007, and has enjoyed many years of full recovery including developing a practice supporting others to recovery, running a half marathon and since July 2013 becoming a mum.

Website: www.francesgoodall.com
Email: frances@francesgoodall.com
Phone: +44 (0) 7769962085 (UK Office hours only)

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