Self-Fulfilling Prophecy


Self-fulfilling prophecy.

The above phrase has been popping into my mind lately, so I decided to let it have its day!

Ashok has said if we repeatedly think/write/say things like ‘I won’t ever get better’, or ‘It worked for them but won’t for me, because….’ and so on, then our amygdala/mind/body/brain will start to believe it.

The more we repeat it, the more entrenched it becomes and the more likely it is that it will become true.

I found this very true when I was first diagnosed with Fibro. I had never heard of it before, so after the doctor had gone I looked it up, and suddenly became even more aware of my symptoms as I ticked every box for fibro. After that (pre Gupta) I was checking and bemoaning (to myself) the fact and level of the pain etc. and thinking ‘this is it for the rest of my life.’

Guess what?

It all got worse.

Ashok also says that repeating the opposite types of statements like ‘I will get better one day’, or ‘It worked for them, so it can for me’, and so on, even if we don’t actually believe them, then our amygdala will start to believe it and will start to relax.

Strangely (as I used to think), I was always OK when driving my car. I’d get into it and start up and be fine. No brainfog, very little pain awareness, etc.

Unfortunately I couldn’t spend all my walking hours driving!

I now realize that having been driving for 30 plus years before I became ill, and always enjoying driving, it never even occurred to me there might be a problem. In fact, the opposite: I ‘knew’ I would be fine when driving even though I didn’t know why.
(I now believe this was also because I was calm, and distracted from the illness, as I was being mindful of my driving, as usual.)

So I was fine.

The more we repeat a version, the more entrenched it becomes and the more likely that it will become true.

Self fulfilling prophecies.

I can do…..

I can’t do….

Which do you choose?


Margaret Cory

Having been forced to stop working aged 53 due to CFS, I was later diagnosed with Fibromyalgia as well. (With the added challenges of hypersensitivity to chemicals, smells, various foodstuffs, bright light, noise, etc.)

10 years later I found the Gupta Program and started my recovery. Wanting to pay back some small part of what I owe the Gupta Program I later volunteered to be a moderator in the Facebook Gupta Forum.

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