Susan Smith Herberger


Susan Smith Herberger


M.E./CFS, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, Anxiety/Panic, Mold Illness, CIRS



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1-1 Coaching

Susan began seeing clients in 2019 as a coach in training, completing certification as Gupta Program Coach in 2023. She lives in Michigan and offers sessions internationally online via Zoom.

Her coaching is shaped by her personal history and training as Gupta Program Coach, Health Coach, NLP practitioner, and Chaplain, and centers around the Gupta Program tools and techniques, drawing upon NLP, Attachment Theory, Boundary work, Parts work, Trauma work, and NVC (communication).

She is passionate about supporting you on your journey to finding more health, purpose, and balance of body, mind, and spirit wherever you are in your journey and walk of life.

With a history of childhood trauma, anxiety, and a pattern of hypervigilance – food sensitivities, IBS, and digestive issues soon developed. A diagnosis of PTSD, MCS, EBV, CFS/ME, and CIRS (mold illness) among others then followed after a series of traumatic events as an adult. She went down many ‘rabbit holes’ in search of healing, until in 2017 she found the Gupta Program which was the key to her healing and the discovery of her passion and purpose.

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Phone: 228-357-1623

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