Paulien Elzinga 


Paulien Elzinga 


M.E./CFS, Long-Haul Covid, Adrenal Fatigue, Lyme Disease, Anxiety/Panic, Dysautonomia, Mold Illness


English, Dutch

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1-1 Coaching

As a coach, Paulien has been incorporating the Gupta program, along with other modalities, into her coaching practice since 2013. Her main focus is on helping people who struggle with chronic fatigue and nervous system dysregulation. She also works with highly sensitive people (HSP), guiding them to navigate their inner and outer world, regaining their power and ability to find inner safety and security.

Her healing journey began at a young age when she developed chronic fatigue syndrome after contracting Lyme and EBV. She discovered the Gupta Program which provided her with a new perspective on the cause of her fatigue and symptoms. Over time, she delved deeper into understanding why her body was so dysregulated. She gained clarity on the connection between the way we think and feel, and our body and nervous system. The influence of our childhood, our sense of self, and the importance of embodiment. All of this led to a much more regulated life

Paulien has a background in Social Psychology (MSc), Healing Touch (biofield therapy/energy healing), among many other courses (mindfulness, EFT, NLP). She is currently undergoing training in gestalt therapy.

Her coaching centers around nervous system regulation through somatic practices, parts work, brain retraining, and energetic work, all grounded in psychology.

As a coach, she is known for her gentle, compassionate, clear yet light-hearted way of working.

Once a month you can find her leading a live Guptacise session where she leads her body-oriented meditations and a retraining session sprinkled with inspiration and insights.

Paulien is based in Hilversum, the Netherlands, and offers sessions via Zoom.