Caroline’s Success Story


Amazing and helpful Program!

As soon as I started the Gupta Program 5 months ago, after i developed ME/CFS  after a Covid Infection, i realised immediately that the medical knowledge and the practical tools of the program are incredibly helpful, as some of my symptoms disappeared after a few days through breathing and meditation exercises. The Brain Retraining Technique as a tool to work on my fatigue is a game changer in my recovery and i’m very thankful that i can do something actively to work on my condition. I learned to stay positive in my mind and to have patience, understanding and trust in my own path of healing. The support of the Gupta community including weekly webinars with Ashok, the FB-Group and the help of Coaches is so important and fundamental on my way to recovery. And also the knowledge of the Gupta Program is for life! I can highly recommend this program for Chronic Illnesses that are listed on the Gupta Homepage.