This is my second review, an update about how everything is going after some additional months of doing the Gupta program.

I am doing it after developing Long Covid in March 2020, and I started the Gupta program around a year later, in May 2021. I have decided to repurchase the Gupta program for an additional year because I’m not yet healed – but it helps me tremendously to have the videos and the retraining to keep me going. The program made me find hope that I will heal, and even though I had hoped I would have further in my healing, I’ve come a long way!

The webinars have been wonderful, especially the interaction with other retrainers – to hear what have helped them and hear about their healing journey. I really appreciate that Ashok has said they’re going to be more interactive – I hope we’ll get to see more retrainers tell their story – it’s amazing to not feel alone.

There are a few improvements I’d be happy to see: I’d like to see auto-play for the videos, so the next video would start directly after the other one. The website is quite slow loading the videos, and it’s quite a faff,to have to go back from full-screen mode, press next session, go back to full-screen mode again etc.. When being in a flow of watching the videos, auto-play (that stayed in full-screen) would have been appreciated!

Secondly, some meditations and exercises don’t have the same audio quality as the rest of them. I really like the visualisation exercise, but find it harder to immerse myself into it when the audio quality isn’t very good ~ Anna, GB