Nikki Leggett’s Success Story

Gupta Program Dandelion

I was introduced to The GUPTA Program 4 months ago from someone who had Long Covid and used this program to recover.

Having tried so many things to get better I decided to give the program a go.

4 months ago I couldn’t get out of bed. Today I have recovered by 80%. I now take our dog out for a few miles walk each day and can engage in my family life and have gone back to work a few hours a week. x I feel so blessed to have been guided to Ashoc Gupta x
The program brings us right back to our heart and helps us do much needed inner work to heal our bodies.

I still have a way to go but the progress has been amazing over these months.

I would highly recommend this program.

Its been a challenge but now there is support which counts for so much x x ~ Nikki Leggett, GB