Gupta Program Dandelion

Blends science and research in a new way. Has helped me Heal!

I have tried many different modalities, both eastern and western, and this approach has helped my condition more than anything else so far.

My Nutritionist mentioned it and told me to try it. I had never heard of it (and quite honestly did not want to spend any more money trying any new healing techniques). I also felt like I could not add anything else to my plate, which at the time , 8 months ago, was full of a schedule of weekly doctors visits, Physical therapy, Acupuncture, therapy, lots of rest, and supplement and food reorders. It was all just too overwhelming. But I trusted my Nutritionist so I gave it a go. she told me to start small with just a few of the mediations. I did this, and then was able to add on the webinars and the exercises and am getting more and more well. It’s really a game changer (again slow and steady for me). I’m 8 months in!

It is not a quick fix! But so worth it. I’m off almost all my medications and have been able to add in many more foods and activities and so much more! I say give it a go, if you are looking to go to the root of your health issues and make a lasting and impactful change ~ Kate, US