Jill’s CFS Success Story


Very comprehensive and effective program

I have been using the Gupta program to recover from ME/CFS for about seven months now and it has helped me in many ways. The disease hypothesis instantly resonated with me and the techniques that are built on it work for me. About a couple of weeks after starting the program I started to see some improvements in my physical health. I have now gone from being almost completely bedbound to being able to run my own household and work at a part time job. Besides, my coping with the condition has improved a lot. I am now much more centered, accepting and content with my life in general. The Gupta program has taught me a lot of techniques that I can use in daily life to manage my condition. Moreover, the Gupta community is very positive and supportive and it’s just great to get that connection to other people and hear how they are healing too. The only critical remarks that I have are, that the program can be a bit overwhelming and there is just a lot of content. Also, some of the techniques are quite similar to each other, so it’s easy to confuse them. Besides, I personally dislike the background music of the meditations and I prefer meditations from other aps. So I have moved on to using other meditation apps in combination with the Gupta program, which has worked well too. All in all, I can only recommend this program to anyone who is struggling with chronic illnesses!