Chris C Success Story


“The Gupta meditations have been a game changer for me. I really can’t do without them, and I’m a former meditator. Although I‘ve meditated for some time, I still find formal meditation can be challenging. Perhaps that has merit, but challenge is not what my mind/body needs right now. The Gupta guided meditations have a calming effect and provide the rest and relaxation my body currently needs. They’ve had a significant impact on my stress levels and have worked better than any pill or other practice I’ve tried. This makes it easier to apply the retraining program techniques to deal with my fatigue, gut issues and post lyme stress. I use the limbic retraining steps for acute health challenges as they arise, but am drawn to use the meditations on a daily basis-sometimes several times per day. I recommend the Gupta meditations for everyone, meditators and non-meditators alike. I really can’t do without them.

Thanks, Ashok! Thanks Gupta program!”
Chris C.