Gupta Program Dandelion

Help after 36 years of illness

For 36 years, I lived with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and symptoms no doctor could determine the cause of, nor offer any help… it must be « in my head » was how I was treated.

Living with CFS is like being a V8 engine running on only 2 cylinders. I spent so many $1,000’s trying to get well.

In March 2020, I got Covid and ended up with Long Covid. My « engine » seemed to almost quit running at all…I became bedridden. My search for health now felt my life depended on it.

Then I found the Gupta Program. Now I know why these chronic disabilities have lingered for decades and, most important, how to ease my way out of them…I am finally healing.

Of course, I wish I’d found the Gupta Program decades ago, but, am grateful I have now. It’s addressing the Long Covid, CFS, and even my diagnosed Complex PTSD… I will use it the rest of my life ~ Melinda Grogan, US