Caroline van Lankveld

Caroline van Lankveld

Caroline van Lankveld


M.E./CFS, Long-Haul Covid, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Adrenal Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, Electrical Sensitivity (EHS), Pain Syndromes, Anxiety/Panic, Burnout, Dysautonomia, POTS, Mold Illness

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Somatic Trauma Therapist


English, Dutch

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Guiding people to live more healthy, consciously, friendly and to be more free: that is the passion of Caroline. By supporting clients to bring body, head, and heart more into balance. In 2015 she started her practice for coaching, body-oriented and trauma therapy. She is a trainer and a supervisor for therapists and coaches. She also gives mindfulness and compassion training. In the Gupta Program, she guides retrainers in their recovery and supports GP coaches in training by giving training, personal sessions, and supervision.


Working with the Gupta Program often reveals trauma. Studies suggest that trauma could make you more vulnerable to developing physical health problems, including long-term or chronic illnesses. This might be because trauma can affect your body as well as your mind, which can have a long-term impact on your physical health. Besides a certified Gupta Program coach I am a trauma therapist (Somatic Experience Practitioner) to support healing with acknowledging the impact of trauma on body and mind.

Learning journey

Life itself has been providing her with a learning journey. Caroline had several burnouts, diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome (ME) and cancer. In her recovery process, she learned how to use her high sensitivity and focus on her body as a key to healing. As a result, she was able to allow more strength, vibrancy, and joy into her life. In her approach she works with body and mind, creating space for relaxation, insight, vitality, focus, and personal strength.

Working with Caroline

She treats a variety of complaints and requests for help, including guidance with stress management and burnout, dealing with chronic illness, anxiety and depression, high sensitivity, insecurity, mourning and loss, personal development, and career guidance. Her strengths are the ability to create the right atmosphere of trust, kindness, safety, and respect and the ability to get to the core of your issues easily. This will take you to a deeper and broader understanding of yourself, your life, your strength, and your relationships. Clients call her involved, warm, curious, calm, firm, and sharp in her perception. In addition to insightful conversations, she uses proven methods such as body-oriented work, traumawork (Somatic Experiencing, EMDR), mindfulness and meditation, (self) compassion, Compassion Focused Therapy, relaxation techniques, positive psychology, breath work, Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT), visualizations, systemic work (family constellations), gestalt and yoga.


The tradition of Thich Nhat Hanh is a big inspiration for her. She is also touched by the work of A.H. Almaas, of whom she is a Ridhwan student (Diamond Approach) since 2005. Furthermore, she practices Kundalini Yoga daily, which encourages her to fully live from her heart. She lives in the Netherlands next to the forest with her husband. They have three teenage children and a lovely dog.


By working with Caroline, I became aware of how distracted I was. I was not able to rest comfortably, safely, in my body. How can you heal when you cannot rest? Caroline’s patient presence, words of encouragement, and clear somatic experiencing guidance enabled me to learn to be present with myself.

The healing of my condition progressed steadily over the seven months we worked together.

I experienced significantly less pain, and I was sleeping better. My health turned the corner.

One technique that stood out for me was Caroline’s encouragement to stay present with the part of my body that DID feel safe. By acknowledging and feeling comfort, discomfort began to soften and fade. I repeated the exercises we did during our Zoom call later on my own. It felt natural to want to create the experience of our sessions, on my own.

Now, I can be fully comfortable resting in my body.  Being with myself is a regular place where I look forward to experiencing the reality of my safety and sense of ease.

Now, my body knows I will be taking good care of her. She continues to get well!

Kathy F., California, USA

My contact with Caroline started about a year ago when I signed up for an brain retraining program to better manage anxiety and health anxiety – conditions I’ve lived with for many years. 

We started off with the brain retraining techniques but soon moved on to a broader approach to dealing with thoughts, disease and health. During our time together I was diagnosed with a chronic, neurodegenerative disease, so our sessions also came to include managing grief and finding acceptance, hope and a greater presence.  

With her skills and her own experiences, Caroline has guided me to a calmer approach to my body and an increased awareness of what it needs and longs for. Today, I am far less cut off from my body and my feelings than when we started. 

Her warm and calm personality, curiosity, compassion and respectful approach make our sessions feel safe and also that we create them together. I become a co-creator, looking forward to my next session! She coaches me to move from thinking to feeling, without fear – a work in progress.  

Pia F., Stockholm, Sweden 


Caroline supports clients over Zoom. Email: Dutch website: