Sinead’s Success Story

Sinead's success story

I wanted to thank you as your program has absolutely changed my life! Since I was 14, I have had glandular fever and throat infections, low immunity and have suffered constantly with low energy. Despite this, I have lived a very normal life – I have a great social life, great relationships, I run a recruitment agency, travel regularly and generally enjoy life, although I regularly wondered why I couldn’t keep up with my peers. I have found that over the last three years, I tend to be so busy that I burn out and my body eventually says no and I tend to get bouts of CFS. These had only lasted a few days to two weeks before, but most recently, I was out of work for about 10 weeks, and this was the worst I have ever had CFS. In my research and in my recovery, I had realised that my nervous system is constantly on high alert and I operate very frequently in flight or fight mode – because I enjoy being busy and relish in the stress of my life, I didn’t necessarily realise this was a bad thing, but now know it obviously is! Reading about the amygdala, I decided to google “retrain your amygdala” and came across the program.

The moment I received the pack, I started reading and instantly began my recovery. As I did the technique for the first time, I knew I had now the knowledge and tools to recover fully and, with meditation and the program, I got better very very quickly and went from house bound back to running my business and normal life within a couple of weeks. Given that I had spent 10 distressed weeks at home, trying every alternative remedy under the sun and in complete despair, this really was life changing.

That was in late August, and since then I have been living life as normal – in fact better than normal, because I am now aware of when my body is in the “danger zone” of high alert and I can calm and nourish my nervous system with meditation, yoga and the program.

Since my recovery in August, I have travelled to New York, to Sri Lanka, attended many social events, am working full time again (in a much more balanced way, I will add!) and have really been operating at 110% in comparison to how I lived before.

Thank you so much for dedicating your career to this – I am an absolute success story. Given my belief in the good that the program can do, I would love to find out more about becoming a coach. I believe I have put my name down, and I would love to study NLP and potentially get involved in future.

Thanks again – I am very grateful :). Kind regards – Sinead