Jacqueline’s Success Story

Jacqueline's success story

I would like to thank you for your 30 day program (www.themeaningoflife.tv). I want you to know how much good you have done for me.

I’m from the south of Belgium, I speak French but I have been living in Maine in the United States since 2001.

First of all, the Meaning of Life has helped me overcome my state of deep anxiety after my son Francois had a subarachnoid hemorrhage in October 2014. Francois was 22 when this happened. Fortunately, he is doing very well now. But at that time, even though my son had survived? and had only mild impairments, I was in distress. I could not understand why. I started to see a psychologist in December 2014 and I discovered your program in February 2015. The Meaning of Life Experiment gave me the tools to move forward and accelerate the work I was doing with my psychologist. I’m doing so well now. I’m much happier and I have also found my life purpose. I didn’t really change what I’m was doing but I have recognized and value the importance of my different roles. I have also changed my mindset of how I approach my work. First, I’m a devoted mother of 3 young men, Francois 24, Maxim 19 and Sebastian 16. Secondly, I teach French over the phone and I value my relationship with my students and I care deeply for them. Thirdly, I’m helping my husband with his nonprofit organisation, which is helping people in need around the world to access healthy food by helping to fund food gardens.

Secondly, The Meaning of Life and the Gupta Program have helped me with Hashimoto disease. I was diagnosed with Hashimoto in 2013. I started to take Ltyroxine but after a year my symptoms were worse than before and I had even more problems. In June 2014, I stopped my medication and I became gluten-free. I also consulted a functional medicine doctor who helped me to take different complements to restore my gut and support my thyroid gland. Since then, I have been doing blood tests regularly to check on the evolution of the disease. In spring 2015, I still had a lot of symptoms, fatigue, cramps in my legs, anxiety,… and this is when I started the Meaning of Life Experiment. I still remember the first time I did a meditation, right way it calmed me and helped my muscles to relax. The stop, stop, stop strategy helped me to deal with my physical symptoms (cramps in my legs) and my negative thinking (negative scenarios). The Gupta Program helped me to understand how my brain works and the importance of reducing my stress level. Today, my blood tests? are great, I don’t feel sick anymore!

So Ashok, I can’t thank you enough for helping me to get my physical and mental health back. I’m happier, healthier than before. This year, I’m going to be 50 but I really feel 35! I can run again! I run 3 times per week and I walk 10000 steps every day! – Jacqueline