Rewire The World

Rewire The World

Founder, Ashok Gupta

As the Gupta Program expands, I would love to ask you a favor...we would be very grateful if you can (edit and) send the email below to any Medical & Functional Doctors, Complementary and Alternative Medicine Practitioners, and other Health Professionals that you know or have worked with. We are now offering these professionals an opportunity to sample the full Gupta Program and see whether this could improve the health outcomes for their patients.

We have now created a special page dedicated to them here.

This is part of our new "Rewire the World!" campaign to bring awareness to Health Professionals about how they can integrate the Gupta Program with their own approaches, as many Doctors and Health Clinicians are already doing this.

Together we can get this important information to more patients and relieve suffering around the world.

Thanks in advance for your support!

With Love
Ashok, Founder and CEO

Email Template To Cut & Paste And Send To Your Medical Professional

Dear ...................

I am using a Neuroplasticity "Brain Retraining" program called the Gupta Program. They are currently giving health professionals complementary access to their online content, including videos and audios, to help people understand more about this important new approach. Many prominent health professionals are already integrating this program into their treatment regimes.

You can register to access their materials, as well as read their published medical studies, at . They have also recently published a randomized controlled trial showing effective results.

Kind regards

Please Share My Interview With Dr. Joe Mather, Medical Director Of The Ruscio Institute

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