Elisa Tricon


Certified within the Last Year

Elisa Tricon


M.E./CFS, Long-Haul Covid, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Adrenal Fatigue, Lyme Disease, Fibromyalgia, Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, Food Sensitivity, Electrical Sensitivity (EHS), Pain Syndromes, Anxiety/Panic, Burnout, Dysautonomia, POTS, Mold Illness, MCAS, CIRS, SIBO, Drug Withdrawal

Other info:

Nutritional Therapist


English, Portuguese

Time Zone:

Middle East


1-1 Coaching, Group Coaching

Elisa is a Gupta Coach and registered nutritional therapist based in Dubai. She specialises in evidence-based nutrition and lifestyle approaches and coaches individuals with chronic health issues related to the limbic system using the Gupta program and other complementary methods like tapping, breathing exercises, and somatic work.

How she works

  • She offers personal coaching to clients worldwide via Zoom, conducting 1-hour or 30-minute sessions.
  • You can schedule a free 15-minute discovery session here. Please note that Elisa works in the Dubai time zone (that’s +3hGMT). Before scheduling the discovery call, you can check this time zone converter to see if it would be suitable for you.
  • Find more information about Elisa at https://livingwellbee.com.
  • If you have specific questions before the discovery call, you can reach Elisa at elisa@livingwellbee.com.

Some retrainers Elisa worked with said

“Elisa has over the last year been helping me particularly with tapping and being my Gupta coach. She has helped me immensely and I am very grateful for her kind and reassuring ways. She has a way of making you feel very comfortable and I would highly recommend working with her.”

“She has a lovely, calm manner and made me feel really comfortable from the first meeting. I have found the sessions really useful and are helping in my recovery.”

“I find the coaching sessions with elisa really helpful. She can sense what I need and how to connect more with myself. I am Dutch, so English is not my native language. That is also no problem, she can see what I need even when I am talking in my own language. I am really making a lot of progress. Her patience, her questions make me feel supported. I have talked to psychologists in my life, and I know all the rational stuff. But I never really changed my way of thinking and acting. The way elisa approaches my struggles is totally different. Her sessions are my best gift to myself.”

A bit more about Elisa’s journey towards health and happiness 

Before embarking on the Gupta Program, Elisa worked in a fast-paced environment as a Business Consultant Lead. During this phase, she experienced a disconnection from her body and its needs, leading to burnout and adrenal/HPA dysfunction symptoms. As her health declined, she was diagnosed with several autoimmune conditions, including Kikuchi, Hashimoto’s, and Lupus. Determined to regain her health, Elisa transformed her lifestyle and nutrition and pursued further education, earning a BSc Hons in Nutritional Therapy. By combining her newfound knowledge with the Gupta Program, she successfully reclaimed her health through a comprehensive approach. Now, Elisa offers online coaching, passionately helping others reclaim their health and vitality with the same compassion and support that guided her recovery.

Nowadays, Elisa lives a healthy and fulfilled life in sunny Dubai with her family, embracing a daily active lifestyle. Among many outlooks, she finds joy in experimenting in the kitchen cooking nutritious meals, and indulging in creative activities such as ceramics and pottery.


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