There will be no sessions on 16/6, 23/6 and 30/6. The next session date is yet to be announced. But we would love to thank all of our attendees who have made the sessions a wonderful & uplifting experience for all 💜

Testimonials From Happy Laughter Workshop Attendees

Sharon – I love your contagious energy & fun! I always feel better after the zoom and takeaway ideas for bringing more fun & joy into my life!

” I’m grateful for you! You are a blessing to many.”

Thanks Sharon! You are amazing! So grateful for you teaching me about laughter yoga! I’ll be using it for the rest of my life probably!

I feel so lucky that you are hosting these laughter workshops. Your laughter resonates with me for the rest of the day

Who Is Sharon Miller?

Sharon is the founder of Joyworks, and is an experienced Yoga Laughter instructor and trainer, and will talk about how laughter and self-love are interconnected. You’ll leave feeling celebrated, energized, positive and closer to others, with lots of practical take-aways on how you can improve well-being for yourself and others. Come laugh like you’ve never laughed before for laughter truly is the best medicine!!

FAQs About Our Laughter Workshops

We use a powerful concoction of exhilarating games, creative play, discussion, relaxation and ‘laughter yoga’ which is based on mime and play. This encourages everyone to join in.

A laughter event from Joyworks is a unique way to inspire people to do things a little differently. In a short space of time participants can’t help let go of inhibitions and embrace care-free fun. The highly interactive sessions are facilitated as a group with music . Over the years we’ve developed our own inimitable, acclaimed house style. Laughter yoga is interspersed with creative whole group playmaking, games,  creative thinking and group philosophical discussion, breathing, relaxation techniques and dance. Events are peppered with interesting sociological and scientific facts on happiness. We are leading trainers in Laughter Therapy in the UK and have extensive experience across the globe in the health, education and corporate world working with all ages and backgrounds. An uplifting, energising and reflective event participants leave feeling open minded, de stressed and be reminded that perception is everything.  

~It produces the feel-good brain chemicals, endorphins. These accelerate the body’s healing process and act as a natural painkiller.

~It decreases the stress hormone, cortisol.

~It gives a cardiovascular workout and helps tone muscles.

~It increases Natural Killer Cells (NK) and T cells. This helps fight potential viruses and tumours.

~It improves respiration and circulation.

~It helps boost our immune system (by 40% in one experiment) and oxygenates the blood and major organs.

~It unleashes inhibitions and breaks down barriers.

~It is a great team-building tool and encourages communication. It encourages positive thinking and creativity.

~It relaxes and energises.

Have you heard the phrase “laughter is contagious”? Well, it’s true. At the start of a workshop, you might not feel like laughing. That’s why we begin by using a proven uplifting concoction of games and laughter yoga. Eventually, alongside everyone else, you find yourself actually laughing naturally and contagiously and leave feeling good about the world and its people. The good news is your body and mind can’t even tell the difference between real and pretend laughter. So even if you pretend at first you’ll still receive all the benefits and it always overflows into hearty and contagious belly laughs. Remember how good that feels?

Yes for a limited time!

Approximately 45 minutes

Yes you can. Sharon hosts the workshops in such a way that people with different energy levels are able to join and still get a lot out of the event.

Unfortunately we don’t offer recordings as these types of events are best attended live, and we are committed to honouring the privacy of attendees.

The Laughter Workshops take place every Friday at 10am PDT | 1 pm EDT | 6pm UK | 7pm Europe at

Absolutely, the more the merrier!

Joyworks excel at bringing organisations and individuals across the globe out of their comfort zone and into fun, laughter and wellness in a very short space of time.

We are passionate about increasing happiness and reducing stress. We run bespoke training courses and events that combine laughter therapy, laughter yoga, creative play, visualisation, mindfulness, thought provoking discussion and powerful drama strategies underpinned with recent scientific research to an underscore of music.

 We help people relax, feel invigorated with proven results and consistently outstanding client feedback.

Joyworks will be 14 in March and led by Sharon Miller who has over 30 years’ experience in arts, education and rehabilitation. She trained personally in India with the founder of laughter yoga ,Dr Kataria, and has won a Social Enterprise Award.

Her thirty years skill-learning as a primary teacher, TV presenter , drama teacher, director and project manager working for organisations such as the National Theatre of Scotland and Scottish Opera find a home of perfection in JOYWORKS.

Sharon and her talented team offer a variety of courses and events for people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds. From lunchtime sessions at the Cabinet Office in London online event for Scottish Parliament to kicking off Conferences for Scotland’s First Happiness Day, Ofev in Vienna to Daily sessions for BBC Comedy at the Edinburgh Festival and teambuilding events for The Scottish Football Team and Coca Cola to name a few.

We regularly culminate Rainbow Valley Cancer Recovery Retreats, provide stress management courses within award winning project Epilepsy Futures and facilitate Respite events throughout the year to the University of Paisley’s Doctoral College to name just a few.

Joyworks! has an impressive track record in the corporate and public sectors, providing successful tailored sessions for the likes of Coca-Cola, the NHS, BBC Comedy, Lloyds Banking Group, BNP Baribas and the Scotland Football Team.  

We share our wealth of experience as the leading trainers in laughter therapy in the UK. We’ve trained over 150 Laughter Yoga Leaders in often described as ‘life-changing’ leadership training.

For more information on corporate organisation packages  or online self-compassion creative programmes for individuals   07713033096