How To Handle Dips & Fears

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I Did It And Felt Better, But Now I’ve Had A Dip So Maybe It Didn’t Work

Recovery Is A Path Of Overcoming Fear And Worry

The Secret To Not Having Dips


Your Ability To Recover Is Related To How You Handle Dips



What Causes Dips?




The Core Belief That Keeps You Sick


You Have Gotten Through Dips Before- You Can Do It Again

You Are Not Retraining Your Symptoms- You Are Interrupting Your Focus on Them

Just Because You Had A Dip Doesn't Mean The Retraining Hasn't Worked


Experiencing A Dip Doesn't Mean You Have Lost The Progress You Made

Be Your Own Pacing Guru


Dealing With Doubts & Fears During Retraining

Dealing With Fears And Doubts

The Grief Cycle & Hidden Blocks

Your Mind Will Try To Trick You

Dedicate Yourself To Retraining No Matter Your Doubts

I'm Scared The Gupta Program Won't Work And I'll Never Get Better

Letting Go Of Outcomes & What Ifs And Dedicating Yourself To Retraining

How To Stay Motivated During Retraining

My Mind Makes Excuses Not To Do The Program

You Can Recover!

Our Webinar Series is Designed To Keep You Motivated

Make Retraining A Habit

I Am Not Motivated, What Retraining Should I Do?

How To Keep Committed To The Gupta Program


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