Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Treatment


Written by Clinic Director, Ashok Gupta

I personally suffered from CFS for around 3 years, and so I know what it is like to have this condition. The good news is that it is possible to recover from this condition, and hundreds of people around the world have recovered using the Gupta Program.

In a recent published study, over 90% of participants reported improvements, and two-thirds reached a full 80-100% recovery.

What is CFS?

According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC) in the USA, CFS diagnosis requires three criteria:

A chronic tiredness for over 6 months that is not related to extended physical work or any other medical conditions that can cause fatigue.
The tiredness affects normal day to day activities considerably.
Having four of the eight conditions below, simultaneously:
discomfort after exerting themselves, lasting over 24 hours
still feeling tired after waking up
short-term memory or concentration is noticeably weaker
pain in the muscles
a recurring or regular sore throat
joint pain without swelling or redness
headaches that seem to be different in terms of type, severity and pattern
lymph nodes in the armpit or neck being softer than usual

What Causes CFS?

There are so many different abnormalities in ME/CFS, which seem to point to the idea of a central abnormality which affects all systems in the body. I believe that the condition is caused by an abnormality in the brain, specifically around two brain structures, the “Amygdala” and the “Insula”.

The Amygdala is the part of our brain that is responsible for the “fight or flight” response, or the stress response. It is also known as the response of the sympathetic nervous system to threats. From our published research which you can view here, it seems that this part of the brain gets stuck in a chronic state of hyper-arousal, both in the nervous system and the immune system, quickly using up all the body’s store of energy.  It also causes lots of secondary issues which contribute to a whole host of symptoms in the body such as brain fog, difficulty concentrating, muscle pain, and exhaustion.

insula amygdala

How Can I Recover From CFS?

Our highly successful and well known international Workshops, Home Study course and Webinar series, have helped hundreds of people all over the world recover from the condition.  The treatment involves a series of brain retraining exercises designed to “retrain the Amygdala & Insula” and other parts of the brain that are stuck in a state of hyper-arousal.

The brain is not fixed in its responses, it can be rewired. Neuroscientists call this “Neuroplasticity” and it is one of the hottest topics in science at the moment.

We are currently pursuing various research avenues to conduct a large randomised trial to finally prove the powerful effects of this treatment. In a recent study, over 90% of participants reported improvements, and two-thirds reached a full recovery. Join our free trial now to get a feel for whether this treatment is right for you.

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