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With Our Professional Team of Gupta Program Coaches Exclusively For Gupta Program Retrainers

Healing is often not a straight line. Ups and downs are normal and to be expected. That's why the guidance, support and direction that a professional health coach can provide is so important. Please note that there is no one-on-one coaching included within the Gupta Program, so extra fees apply.

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86% of Retrainers surveyed said they are likely to recommend working with a Gupta Program coach. 

Coaching can be done in 3 ways so you can choose a practitioner wherever they are based.







The Next Steps Are

  1. It is advisable to read about the coach on their website, and find out about their fees. Click on their photo below
  2. Contact a coach you most resonate with. Please note that the Coaches are not able to answer queries about the Gupta Program or advise you about it, they can only give you information on their Coaching services after you have bought the online program. Please email with any questions you have about the program itself.
  3. When you email them, please provide the following info: Name, Brief History of the Condition, Challenges, How a Coach could Help you, Time Zone and Your Availability.
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A Happy Coaching Client

I’ve used the coaching and found it really beneficial.

Meet Our Expert Coaches (Please only contact Them After you Have Bought the Online Program)

If you are not sure which Coach would match your needs or who has availability, please contact our Coach Coordinator Julie at who can put you in touch with available Coaches

Available Coaches

Ursula Rothamel

English, German

Languages: German and English Ursula is a Gupta coach (2009) based in Germany, in Weinheim...

Frances Goodall


Language: English Frances as a Gupta Coach (since 2008) operates from Sheffield, UK and offers...

Maria José Vergara Martine

English, Dutch, Spanish

Languages: Spanish, English and Dutch Gupta Program Coach since 2013. My name is Maria Jose...

Virginia Gasión Royo

English, Spanish

Language: Spanish Virginia Gasión Royo collaborates as Gupta Coach since 2014. She is doing research...

Paulien Elzinga 

English, Dutch

Languages: Dutch and English As a coach, Paulien has adopted the Amygdala Retraining Program and...

Jen Evans


Jen is a certified Gupta Program Coach since 2020. She lives and works in South...

Lisa Irwin


Lisa Irwin is a fully certified Gupta Program Coach (2019) and NLP Practitioner based out...

Not Currently Taking New Clients

Nathalie Eltink

English, Dutch, French

Nathalie is  a certified Dutch Gupta Coach since 2016 and collaberates closely  with Fenna van...

Shonna Stokowski


Shonna is a passionate advocate of the Gupta Amygdala Retraining Program, after using it to...

Clare Gee, PhD


Language: English I am a highly experienced Gupta coach, who has been coaching with the...

Deborah Mayaan


Language: English Deborah is a Gupta Amygdala Retraining Coach (2016) and an energy work and...

Julie Georgiana Cody


Julie Georgiana Cody started working with Clients in 2019 during her training and has been...

Sophie Schlogel

English, French

Languages: French & English Phone : tel:+33 (0) 62 29 84 446,Email: sophie.schlogel@hypersensibles.comWebsite:  Sophie is an experienced...

Heather Boyer


Language: English Heather’s personal journey of recovery from 27 years of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome using...

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A Happy Coaching Client

Coaching has been very valuable to me....Although I was doing the techniques correctly before I started working with her, my understanding of them has deepened with her help.

6 Benefits of a Gupta Program Coach on Your Healing Journey

If you have never had a session with a health coach before, you may be wondering, what the benefits are of enlisting their guidance on your healing journey?

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    They are trained to help you stabilize your commitment and to help you through those tricky times

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    Help build your awareness of your patterns and any barriers to recovery

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    They can deepen your knowledge about the program and how it applies to your individual circumstance

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    They can provide emotional support when you most need it

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    They can provide gentle accountability where needed

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    Because they too suffered from the Condition, and regain their health through the Gupta Program, they understand the unique challenges you are facing and can offer tailored advice.

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A Happy Coaching Client


Our Coaches Used The Gupta Program To Support Their Own Healing From Chronic Illness

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I'd love to show you a photo of some of my Gupta Program Coaches. As you may know, both myself and the Coaches overcame our own health issues using the tools and techniques of the Gupta Program so we truly do understand what you are going through right now -Ashok Gupta, Director of the Gupta Program


Gerianne Carillo

Coaching as a Valuable Addition to GP

When I first began with the Gupta Program, I was hesitant to use the services of a coach. I felt I didn’t know the program well enough and, honestly, I had already spent so much money on my 22-year quest for wellness that I was shy to spend any more!


Four months into retraining I decided to take the leap, and try a coach. I was incorporating all of the Gupta toolkit, but felt there was more deep inside that I was having difficulty tapping into. I had gone from 5% to 40% health in that time, but I was facing challenge to progress from that point. I found myself at a place where I wasn’t sure how best to continue my wellness journey.


I have used 3 different coaches so far, and have received many pearls of wisdom from each of them - things that I have added to my Gupta toolkit, and that I use regularly. I’ve learned that the Gupta Program, though incredibly comprehensive and customizable, would be hard-pressed to address all the nuances of recovery for us all. We are all beautifully unique, we’ve each experienced a unique life. Though some may heal completely through use of the Gupta toolkit, others might benefit from an extra set of eyes and experiences. I am one of those that felt amazing benefit from a coach’s input and guidance.


It was as if I had a backpack of the tools I needed to journey on, but a coach was instrumental as a compass, pointing to areas that I was ready to explore, and helping me to choose which tools would be most helpful for a particular issue. They occasionally added extra tools to my kit as well, definitely an added plus!


Each coach was able to quickly tap into my sticking points, and offer valuable tools and guidance to assist in my wellness journey. One coach, within a brief 15-minute consultation, gave me a tool I use to this day, which helps me to reframe difficult life experiences. I find myself in awe of their laser-sharp, quick focus.


One of the most valuable things I received from a coach was a wonderful exercise to tap into my wise self. Until this tool was shared, I was never sure I had a wise self, or if I did, how to find her! All the parts that become vocal as healing progresses can be challenging to handle, without a solid anchor to your wise self. And I received that from a coach - a worthy tool that I will use daily for the rest of my life.


There are many valuable tools that can be used effectively alongside the Gupta toolkit. The coaches have been extensively trained, both academically as well as through their own wellness journey. They are uniquely qualified as a wellness journey guide, and I am often amazed by the tools they are expert in, and the way they know how to facilitate forward motion in my journey through use of those tools. Working with a coach has been my compass, an invaluable part of my wellness journey. I highly recommend investment in a coach for those who want to make the most of their healing journey. 

Do You Have General Enquiries About the Gupta Program?


If you have any questions about the Program, please see our FAQ page here.

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