Parents of Children With CFS

Parents Of Children With CFS

The Gupta Program wants to develop a way to support parents with children with ME/CFS and related conditions. Therefore, we need opinions and experiences from parents and children with ME/CFS.

We wish to hear from parents about what they struggle with when applying the Gupta program with their children. We would like to invite you to a meeting with 2 members of the Gupta Program Team. (a GP Coach and a Trainee) Fenna van der Vijver and Beate Riedl.

We will listen to answers on the following questions on Wednesday October 26th at 5.00 pm CET (Central European Time).

- what worked so far with the Gupta Program and what did not work for your child?
- what challenges do you face when applying the Gupta Program for your child? (in their situation, in the family and for you as parents)
- in adapting the Gupta Program to the special needs of children, what do you think your child would benefit from the most?
- would you be willing to participate and learn techniques in a program that supports you as a parent?
- How are you supported yourself in this situation? And how do you support yourself to stay in balance?
- Any other topic?
Please let us know if you want to participate by mailing to  by the 16th of October

Please send your answers before 16th of October, so Beate can do the necessary work to present it all to you on the 26th of October.

As you can write to us with your answers and ideas, we will discuss your experiences and ideas during the meeting.

You will hear from us in the week before the meeting on 26th of October. We send you a zoom link then and other information.
After the meeting we will speak with Ashok Gupta and he is willing to participate in creating the material that parents will benefit from. 
Hope to meet you on October 26th!
Fenna van der Vijver (GP Coach, trainer, Supervisor, psychotherapist)
Beate Riedl (Trainee level 2 GP Coach Training, Teacher)